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T. Gerard Blash

Meet Our President/CEO

T. Gerard better known as "Tony" founded Covenant Leadership Advantage (CLA, Inc.) in March of 2018. He combined his intense love for organizational development, leadership, and music artist development into a full service education and entertainment agency.


Highway to Holiness (H2H) is a subsidiary of CLA, Inc.. Tony's background in music goes very deep to the core of who he is today. His father, the late William "Sonny Boy" Blash, a lead guitar player, was one of the original members of Thomas Bailey and The Flintstones Band. The group was active in the Macon area around the late 60's and the turn of the 70's. 

Tony continues to keep the legacy of music going for his family through his work with his son Deko "ChoSon" Taylor. In addition, he has utilized his skill in the area of leadership and development to teach organization how to maximize their human capital in order to generate sustainability and organizational stability through good and bad financial times. Tony believes that it matters who is leading a company, but it matters more who is being lead.

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